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Four Ways to Save on Your Water Heating Bill

Friday, February 15, 2019
water heater boiler room

Did you know that water heating has the potential to account for about 12 percent of your family’s utility bills? If you are seeking ways to heat the water in your home more efficiently, consider the following tips.

Turn Down the Thermostat
You can save about 4% on your utility bill for every ten degrees you turn down your water heater’s thermostat. While most water heaters come preset at 140 degrees, The U.S. Department of Energy recommends lowering it 120 degrees. This temperature should still be high enough for your needs.

Drain the Sediment
Your water heater tank will be forced to work harder if it contains an excessive amount of sediment. Most manufacturers recommend draining sediment from the tank every six months.

Keep Your Tank Insulated
If you have an older tank, installing an insulation blanket is a simple and cheap way to reduce costs, especially if your tank is located in an unheated area.

Invest in a New Hot Water Heater
Standard water heaters can be expected to last about 15 years. With a tankless water heater in San Ramon, CA, you will have access to an endless supply of hot water while saving both money and energy.

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