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Water Heater Services in Northern California

Rapid & Reliable

We've been specializing in water heater solutions since 1999. We are not a large, impersonal corporation; we are a Bay Area business committed to serving our neighbors with integrity and excellence.
Water Heater Services in Northern California

Rapid & Reliable

We provide high quality water heater installations and repair services that meet and exceed
industry standards.

We Are Water Heater Experts

At Harris Water Heaters, we've made a deliberate choice to do one thing and do it exceptionally well: water heaters.

Gas Water Heaters

Water Heater Repair
Water Heater Installation
Water Heater Service

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heater Repair
Tankless Water Heater Installation
Tankless Water Heater Service

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat Pump Water Heater Repair
Heat Pump Water Heater Installation
Heat Pump Water Heater Service

Reliable Water Heater Services in Northern California

Competitively Priced

Our water heater solutions are competitively priced, offering you the best value for top-quality service without breaking the bank.

Prompt & Friendly Service

You can count on Harris Water Heaters for prompt and friendly service, ensuring that your water heater needs are met with both speed and a smile.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by our work with a robust satisfaction guarantee, cementing our commitment to excellence and your peace of mind.

Quality Water Heaters

At Harris Water Heaters, we provide only the highest quality water heaters, ensuring that each installation brings lasting efficiency and reliability to your home.

Contact Harris Water Heaters Today

Unlike many service providers that spread their expertise thin across a broad range of plumbing services, we've honed our focus exclusively on water heating systems. This dedication means every technician in our team is a specialized expert in water heater technology—whether it's traditional, tankless, hybrid, or high-efficiency heat pump water heaters.

Why does this matter for you, the homeowner? Because when it comes to the comfort and efficiency of your home, you shouldn't have to settle for anything less than the best. Water heating is not just another service we offer; it's the only service. This specialization allows us to provide unparalleled service quality, the latest industry knowledge, and the most efficient solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Choose Harris Water Heaters, where we're not just familiar with water heaters—we're the certified experts. Let us bring our focused expertise and passion for water heating into your home, ensuring you receive the best in service, efficiency, and reliability. Because when all you do is water heaters, you do them better than anyone else.

Brands We Work With

Contact us for water heater repair, replacement, or new installation. We proudly serve residential clients throughout the SF Bay Area.

Areas We Serve

San Francisco
South San Francisco
Redwood City
San Leandro
Castro Valley
San Jose
San Ramon

New! Sacramento County

We are licensed and insured.

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