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Water Heater Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Harris Water Heaters FAQ page. 

Here you will find answers to the most common questions we receive from our customers.

Water Heater Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Harris Water Heaters FAQ page. 

Here you will find answers to the most common questions we receive from our customers.

For most service calls we arrive with a water heater unit in our service vehicles ready for installation.


Q: What is the primary focus of your water heater services?  

A: To proivde high quality water heater installations that meet and exceed industry standards.

Q: Can you provide a brief overview of the types of water heater services you offer?

A: We offer a complete installion line from gas, electric, hybrid and tankless water heating systems. We have trained technicians with the ability to repair and install all water heating systems.

Q: What are the common issues and problems that your repair services address? 

A: Homeowners reach out to us typically becuase they have no hot water in their home which we address in a quick and ready fashion by carrying most, if not all, parts to repair the issues within the same visit.

Q: How do you approach diagnosing and fixing water heater issues?

A: Our technicians are trained in each brand's individual working componets, in which we begin by attempting to reset the systems beginning from scratch to locate and idenitfy the malfunction and/or the part failure,

Q: Is there a 24/7 emergency repair service available?

A: No, currently Harris Water Heaters does not offer 24/7 emergency services. Our decision is rooted in our commitment to provide the highest quality of workmanship and in-depth attention to each service we perform, which we achieve within our dedicated operational hours. We ensure that every appointment is met with a fully prepared and well-rested technician ready to deliver the exceptional service quality Harris Water Heaters is known for. For emergencies, we strive to provide prompt service and flexible scheduling to address your issues as quickly as possible during our working hours.

Q:What types of water heaters do you install (tankless, traditional, hybrid, etc.)?

A: Tankless, traditional tank systems, electric, hybrid/heat pump.

Q: Can you highlight the benefits of each type of water heater you install? 

A: See Categories Below

Tankless: small, compact, endless hot water, efficiency levels of 0.86 or better;

Traditional Gas (atompsheric): cost effieniet, readily available, typically same day or next day installation;

Traditional Electric: cost efficient, readily available, typically same day or next day installation;

Hybrid/Heatpump: highly efficient 3.86 or better, creates yearly savings on energy bills; large storage tanks available. 

Q: Do you offer consultation services to help customers choose the right water heater for their needs?

A: Yes, depending on the type of project a service fee may be included.

Q: How do you ensure the quality of your installations and repairs?

A: We pull our city PERMITS! this is required in all cities in the State of California pre the uniform plumbing code book. We offer 1-3 year labor warranties on our installations and can apply most manufacturer's tank warranties. 

Q: Are your technicians certified and experienced in handling various water heater brands and models?

A: Yes, we extensive knowlegde of all major brands of water heaters and are recognized by these manufacturer's as qualified plumbing contractors.

Q: Do you offer regular maintenance plans for water heaters?

A: No, while we do offer maintenance to certain water heater (i.e. tankless) we are in a strong belief that spending large amounts of money maintenancing the water heaters will not prolong its life long enough to provide true value.

Q: How do you approach pricing for your services?

A: We instill what is called flat rate pricing, which means that each part we charge for already has the price of labor built into it. Whether the time frame is 10 minutes or 10 hours, the cost would be what was quoted in which the homeowner would know the complete cost of the project before work begins.

Q: Are there any hidden fees or charges that customers should be aware of?

A: No, all pricing is gone over before the project begins. Any change orders to the project are not typically water heater related but somewhere else within the plumbing system.

Q: Do you provide any warranties or guarantees for your installation and repair services?

A: Installation is 1-3 years depending on package and repair is 90 days.

Q: What is your policy on follow-up visits if an issue arises after service?

A: If it's within our warranty period there is no charge for service. If the malfuntion is related to the replacement that we had privided then all services are done under the warranty. If the issues is not related to the service we provided, prices are quoted before work is performed.

Q: How has your company successfully resolved challenging water heater issues for clients?

A: We have created a newtwork of resouces from supply houses to manufactueres to distributors for quick technical answers and supply of products needed for our customers.

Q: Are there eco-friendly or energy-efficient options available for water heater installations?

A: Yes, tankless water heaters qaulify to an energy factor rating of .86 to .98, power-vented gas water heaters carry an energy factor of .86; heat pump water heaters carry an energy factor of 3.86 or higher.

Q: How does your company dispose of old or replaced water heaters in an environmentally responsible manner?

A: Each water heater is returned to our warehouse in which there is a weekly pick up of discarded water heaters that are taken to the recycle center to be repurposed.

Q: What is the process for customers to schedule a service or request a quote?

A: The best option is a phone call to speak with one of our dispatchers who will schedule them an appointment. The second option is to email our info email address.

Q: Do you offer any online tools or resources to assist customers in troubleshooting before they request service?

A: No, we find the best route to repair is a licensed plumbing contractor.

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